Axe is a great client to work with. They love to try out new technologies and aim to push the boundaries on creating a memorable user experience. For a designer, there's nothing more fun than to be have carte blanche to make a cool product with the full support of your client.

Within brand guidelines, it was fun to push the Axe brand as a luxury men's grooming product. I concepted, designed the user experience, and the visual design in UI elements for this product. We integrated a live data component to this ad, tallying and reporting user responses to quiz questions. The dynamic data component in addition to the full service design I created made this a very exciting and fulfilling project. Using our customized ad creation tool (iAd Producer), I also created the ad unit to be pushed to the mobile network.

Layout design, visual design, and build. For iPhone.

Problems to solve:  
• With limited assets, provide an interactive and compelling branded experience. 

What I Did:
• Created CTA's, defined copy, selected imagery for gallery.
• Retouched product imagery. 
• Created layout design based on client requests for ad functionality. 
• Design, slice, and build (using internal GUI tools) for iAd network.