This project was for the advertising agency I worked at. I was the production manager for print collateral in a marketing campaign on behalf of our client, FedEx Kinko's (now FedEx). In addition to overseeing the printing, assembly, and packaging of the marketing material, I also oversaw the mailing of the finished product to customers, via FedEx of course! It was fun to get involved in different kinds of package design based on what the designers in the ad agency had come up with. Each package contained a lot of printed reference material (to show off Kinko's of course) and making sure everything was in its right place really pushed my perfectionistic buttons.

Problems to solve:

•Coordinate print production for promotional kit.


What I Did:

• Estimate, quote, bid and award production costs. Cut PO’s.

• Select vendor and print methodology for final deliverables, schedule production, update traffic schedule. Finishing and bindery.

• Create hardcopy mocks and sample kit for hand off to printer.

• Prep files for print production. Check fonts, colors, trim, and bleeds.

• Sending files to print, receiving proofs, approving final printer’s proofs.

• Attend press check. 

• Supervise final delivery for convention appearance. 



Worked with designers to create samples for hand off to printer. Working closely with printer to resolve any issues and deliver to remote location.