Combining two of my passions (print and technology), with this project I tried to create a digital book. The concept of this ad is based on the infinity book, as envisioned in Neal Stephenson's iconic sci-fi work, The Diamond Age.

Financial producrs require a conservative presentation. The content provided the user with a sense that they were downloading a personalized book, while the motion graphics gave it kineticism and visual appeal. The client wanted users to spend more than 30 minutes and up to an hour using this ad, which created custom content that could be downloaded as a PDF onto the user's device. The motion design and color scheme also gave it a futuristic look and feel.

Problems to solve:  
• CPU intensive ad with a lot of content. 
• Heavy use of animations and transitions in this ad required more assets than normally required and was taxing on the mobile devices as well. 

What I Did:
• Worked closely with engineer to formulate a compression strategy (turning text to images, compressing images, using jpgs mostly and in clever ways to appear translucent, etc).
• Created Photoshop action scripts to automate compression. 

• Worked closely with Engineering to utilize ease the CPU load.
• Worked closely with QA to reduce asset sizes and increase loading speed for all device generations and varied load times.