This project was my most difficult technical project and was pure production work. It ran on all mobile devices at different levels of fidelity and required over 12,000 separate images to work. It was conceived by Geico's creative agency, and it was our job to create stop motion animation in a mobile ad for the entire Apple mobile product lineup. 

This took over two months and required Photoshop automation, java scripting to create sprites, and the use of new methods for image compression to create an animated look and feel. In addition, the ad relied heavily on interactive gameplay that increased the amount of assets we would normally use. I worked closely with the engineers on this project to give them visual assets that could be consumed over the air quickly and seamlessly. 

Problems to solve:  
• Asset and CPU usage heavy.
• Client provided thousands of customized stop motion assets.
• Within the limitations of wireless mobility, give the user an enjoyable branded gaming experience that is fast and seamless.

What I Did:
• Created specialized sprites with embedded javascript data to enable smooth animations.
• Automated the compression and optimization of over 5,000 asset files to be used in three mini-games, main site link outs, and video player.

• Worked closely with lead engineer to provide an iOS app experience within HTML5, CSS, and javascript constraints.
• Worked closely with producer setting client expectations and providing feedback and status on a project with a complicated development process.