This is my favorite mobile advertising project. I was given a great deal of creative control and created the wireframes, determined the assets to be used, and the final functionality of this mobile product. Contest advertising is an opportunity to reward consumers with a product that they already enjoy. In addition to tangible prizes, the core reward in this promotion was the sense of community. Images of social activities and the use of mapping gave the user a sense of place and closeness with the brand. It was also a great opportunity to showcase the personal nature of the iAd Mobile Advertising platform; such as geolocation and integrated access to the Calendar app.

Problems to solve:  

• Bring awareness to the Lipton SUNday campaign
• Bring lightness, positivity, and fun of the campaign to contest rules. 
• Key KPI was to drive users to enroll in the contest via the microsite. 

What I Did:
• I created the visual design and layout design.
• Repurposed assets from their microsite design.
• Created buttons, CTA's, and banner copy. Added extra touches of background animations to give a casual, irreverent tone. 

Worked closely with the producer and creative technologist to create visuals based on wireframes they provided. This project was built by me using internal tools and code checked by engineering.