The most difficult aspect of this project was feeling my lizard brain react strongly to beautiful images of juicy burgers and not getting hungry for lunch first thing in the morning. McDonald's is one of the most famous brands in the world and we didn't need to do much to excite users on the product. We kept it clean and simple, the core message had already been decided by the brand agency.

This slate ad was used in conjunction with iTunes Radio, so I was aware that the user would be distracted by music or engaged in other activities while listening to music. To this end,  I kept the color and typography subtle and utilitarian; readable and bold while not being loud or flashy.

For this project I provided layout design, visual design, & built working prototypes for client approval as well as final build for use on the mobile advertising network. 

Problems to solve:

• Create a consistent experience across devices to a distracted user.

What I Did:
• Optimized layout and adapting UI elements to fit different device screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations. 
• Retouched product imagery. 
• Create and maintain consistent flow based on client requests for ad functionality . 
• Visual design (background, buttons, fonts), asset slice, and build (using internal GUI tools) for ad network.