This was a mock ad I created for Vaseline as a special request from our sales team. I created this ad on spec very quickly with same day turnaround from assignment to first client proof. The request did not provide any information on what would appeal to the client, so it was a freeform project showing the best that we had to offer. Design work can often be relegated to the end of cycle, and it was a great opportunity to help out our whole team with concepts and selling for the beginning of the production cycle. I like knowing that we can be depended on to help the whole business, not just limited to our user experience and design space. 

Problems to solve:  

• Designing on spec to modernize branding.
• Working with limited assets.
• 6 hour turnaround.

What I Did:
• Create clean modern design based on new branding direction. 

• Worked with closely with advertising sales.